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Quote Me on This

In a previous post I said I wanted to see the world “philistine”* re-enter common usage.  Why?  Because philistines and their rampant philistinism are at an all-time high.  Don’t struggle to describe these people — use the perfect word!

Since we’re rediscovering the word, let’s use it in a sentence:

“Religious dogma, social convention, and philistinism are the hammer, tong, and anvil of mediocrity.”  ~Robert Mitchell

I wish you would quote me on this.  I really really do.  In fact, if you quote me on your blog or website and post a link to it in the comments below, I will email you a coupon for a free download of my novel Ghilan.  Or, if you prefer, I will just jump up and down, sing your praises, and generally scamper about and proclaim what a smart and well-informed person you are.

* Philistine (Phi*lis”tine):  A person deficient in liberal culture and refinement; one without appreciation of the nobler aspirations and sentiments of humanity; one whose scope is limited to selfish and material interests.  (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition)

UPDATERachel Izabella reblogged my quote.  So, as promised, this is a photo of me snapped mid-scamper.  As for singing her praises, let me say that Rachel’s blog is fascinating, fun, sometimes funny and other times sad, but always well informed — and she obviously has great taste in quotations.  I’d send her a coupon for a free download of my book but she already has it (and didn’t hate it).  You rock Rachel!


“Generally scampering about”

A Quote from David Lakota

David Lakota, Shaman Jedi Instructor, Captain of New Earth Army

So I was watching Doomsday Preppers the other day and there was a segment on David Lakota, an amazing guy with serious skills.

Although I can’t get behind everything he said on the show (like trusting only his relationship with the Creator when determining the edibility of wild plants or the safety of potable water) and some of the stuff on his blog seems way, way out there (like his New Earth Army Shaman and Jedi training program) he’s clearly a courageous fellow who’s not shy about his beliefs.  Just check out some of the far flung subjects he’s written about — bootcamp training, survivalism, shamanism, several expedition logs, and the list goes on!

But what I really liked was the quote he closed his segment with:

“The beaten path is for the beaten man.  In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Anybody who can barefoot climb one of the highest peaks in the Hawaiian islands, look straight into the camera, and speak words like that is okay in my book.  Keep doing your thing David.