Kim Kahana — Real Life Superhero?

I was watching a show on cable the other day called Red, Hot & New, and there was ten minute bit on Kim Kahana and his stunt school.  Watching him repel down a four-storey wall it was hard to believe he was 83 years old.  He looks more like 50!  So I looked him up Wikipedia and I was floored.

How is it possible that I never heard of this guy before?

He dropped out of school at age 13.  Unable to read and write, he survived on the street.  As a soldier in the Korean War, he was captured and shot by firing squad.  Pretending to be dead, he crawled out of a mass grave, made his escape, and received numerous medals.

After the war he returned home and got into the movie business, first as an extra and then as stuntman.  He has over 300 movies to his credit.

He holds black belts in five martial arts.  He once killed two men who were attacking a woman in a parking lot using only his hands and feet.  Now he pays the bills by training stuntpeople.

If this guy’s for real, he should probably be running a superhero school instead of a stunt school.

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