Stacking a Magic Deck for Success

imageMake a deck of cards and write on them things you want to do on a regular basis that you never seem to do enough.  Resolve to periodically pull one out and get it done that day. After you pull it out and do it, put it on the bottom of the deck.

Just make sure you put things on the cards that you can get done that very same day.  Include things that are personal, professional, or spiritual that are immediately achievable.  No projects, no long term goals, just mini-goals you can quickly and easily knock out of the park.  This is your deck, so you can pull one out on a certain day of each week, each month, or as often as you like.

Because my cards contain actions that will push me to be the person I want to be, I call this my Tarot of Success.  But you don’t have to call it that.  Call it your Paper Drill Sargent, Deck of Mindfulness, Pack of Propinquity, or Trumps of Timeliness.  Doesn’t matter.

I made 28 cards out of a cut up red file folder.  But you could just as easily take an old deck of playing cards and write on them with a permanent marker, or use the flip sides of old business cards.  They don’t have to be pretty.

But you could make them pretty if you wanted to.  You could decorate and embellish them with artwork.  You could turn down the lights and sit before a candle while you write them out, anoint them with oil and pray your God to make them holy, pass them through the smoke of incense, or wrap them in a scarf and sleep with them under your pillow to charge them with the power of your dreams.

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