Podcasting: A Love Story ( or A Little Ditty about Cory and Laine)

I’m always a few years behind the curve.  This is known fact.  So please excuse my enthusiasm.

I used to have a clunky podcasting thingy on my old laptop, but it required a manual synch to my phone, and the process was so clunky I only listened to like four podcasts then gave up.

Two years ago I got an android, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to download a podcasting app and give this new-fangled idea of podcasting another try (I’m officially an old geezer, I know this now.  Podcasting has been around for at least 8 years.  This is why the elderly often eat spoiled food out of the fridge.  “It’s still fresh!”  I just know someday I’m going eat rancid pork or moldy hummus and die a horrible death.  Somebody help me…)

First I listened to Joe Rogan.  Nice.  Great stuff.

Then yesterday I remembered that Cory and Laine do a podcast over at New World Witchery  so I scampered over there and listened to #50 — “Mountain Magic.”  I always read the blog posts, but that was first time listening to the podcast.  Are you serious?  (side note: Haint blue paint on your porch ceiling?  How did I not know about that?  I’m as southern as sweet tea!)  You guys are pros.  Great production, great content, charming banter, intellectual sourcing of references, it’s all there.  You even have radio-ready voices.  Blown away.  Well done!

You guys just shotgunned the radio in my truck.  It’s mortally wounded.  It hates you.

2 responses to “Podcasting: A Love Story ( or A Little Ditty about Cory and Laine)

  1. Thank you! This is one of the nicest things I’ve read, and I’m totally flattered! -Cory

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