New Writing Gig for Me — and for You (Submissions Wanted)

h_360_picI’m now a contributor to the Hulltown360 Literary Journal‘s blog entitled Writer’s Lunch.  You’ll see me posting about writing over there.  Check it out!

If you’re a writer and you want to get published (ePublished that is) by all means submit something to Hulltown360.  Please note that I’m not an editor.  No begging and pleading with me for inclusion in the next issue — just dodge over there and submit.  The editors will contact you through submittable.

Hulltown360 has been around for several years, and if they’re going to make it another two or twenty, they need you to submit your stuff.  So do it.  It’s a win-win (how very 90s of me, but oh how true).

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