Full Nelson, the Beer

wpid-IMG_20130811_074214.jpgI’m not a beer expert, I just like to have a beer on cheat day (for more on what this whole cheat day thing is all about, see here and here).

So when I saw a beer on the shelf called Full Nelson, being an aficionado of the great Western martial art of wrestling and all, I had to put a couple in my mix-n-match six pack.

How was it?  Just the right about of bitterness, lots of hops and a few flowers for finish.  I’m telling you, this is good stuff.  Hat’s off the folks at Blue Mountain!

And if it’s not enough that it tastes superb and it carries the name of a classic wrestling hold, it’s sustainably made right here in the mountains Virginia.  It doesn’t get any better than this.†


†Did you get that joke?  Remember the Old Milwaukee commercials: “It doesn’t get any better than this…”  I couldn’t resist.

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