Bradbury Challenge Weeks 4, 5, and 6

The Bradbury Challenge that I set up for myself was basically to write a story a week.  Week #3 i started The Vase of Melampus.  That turned out to be a really long story, and I spent week #4 working on it.  Week #5 I went to Kill Devil Hills, NC for a week of vacation.  Now it’s Week #6 and I’m going to wrap up The Vase of Melampus and start a new story.

This is a great challenge.  It’s everything Bradbury said it was cracked up to be.  Not only does it require discipline, it requires creativity and imagination galore — in fact I have absolutely no idea what the next story is going to be about.  I got nothin’.  I guess I’ll have to cruise over to Terribleminds and get some inspiration.  Chuck’s always got a challenge going over there.


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