Zero Drop Boots


My zero drop boots

I’ve talked about shoes before.  In a nutshell, some time ago I decided to transition to the most minimal shoes possible (here’s why).

The problem is that I couldn’t wear my favorite boots.  The heels, although not very high, still allowed my Achilles tendon to shorten.  If I wore them all day, I had Achilles tension the following day when I tried to exercise in a minimal sneaker.

This was a problem because I firmly believe that if a man has a good pair of boots and an attitude, there is nothing he can’t get done.  Also, as a martial artist, I consider my boots important tools for self defense.  You don’t understand.  I need my boots.


Another shot of my zero drop boots

Buying zero drop boots wasn’t an option.  They just don’t make them (don’t ask me why, I have no idea).  So I took them to Jerry’s Shoe Shop and had them pull off the old sole and put on a perfectly flat one with no heel.  This cost me $50.00.  They aren’t minimal (the new soles are about 1/2″ thick), but at least they won’t shorten my Achilles tendon, and if I want to go for a hike, work in the yard, or go on a globe-hopping expedition to find the Ark of the Covenant, I’ll get more support and protection that I would from Chuck Taylors.

Look out world.  I got my boots back.

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