Zero Drop Boots


My zero drop boots

I’ve talked about shoes before.  In a nutshell, some time ago I decided to transition to the most minimal shoes possible (here’s why).

The problem is that I couldn’t wear my favorite boots.  The heels, although not very high, still allowed my Achilles tendon to shorten.  If I wore them all day, I had Achilles tension the following day when I tried to exercise in a minimal sneaker.

This was a problem because I firmly believe that if a man has a good pair of boots and an attitude, there is nothing he can’t get done.  Also, as a martial artist, I consider my boots important tools for self defense.  You don’t understand.  I need my boots.


Another shot of my zero drop boots

Buying zero drop boots wasn’t an option.  They just don’t make them (don’t ask me why, I have no idea).  So I took them to Jerry’s Shoe Shop and had them pull off the old sole and put on a perfectly flat one with no heel.  This cost me $50.00.  They aren’t minimal (the new soles are about 1/2″ thick), but at least they won’t shorten my Achilles tendon, and if I want to go for a hike, work in the yard, or go on a globe-hopping expedition to find the Ark of the Covenant, I’ll get more support and protection that I would from Chuck Taylors.

Look out world.  I got my boots back.

[UPDATE: I’m no longer in minimal and/or zero drop footwear.  See the comments section below.  If you have already transitioned without any trouble, enjoy!  But if you’re just starting out, I strongly suggest that you turn back now and stick with regular shoes!]

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2 responses to “Zero Drop Boots

  1. What kinds of boots are those? I’ve been looking for something similar and if it’s that cheap to get the soles fixed, it might be worth it.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Hey L., how’s it going? First of all, let me open up with the fact that I’m no longer in zero-drop or minimal footwear. I eventually ended up doing serious damage to my Achilles, which took years to heal. To this day I get a twinge now and then. It’s so finicky that now I can’t wear any kind of boot at all because it will trigger a flare up. If you’ve already transitioned to zero-drop and/or minimal footwear without problems, enjoy! But if you’re just starting out, I recommend you stop now before you get hurt. Anyway, to answer your question, these are Rocky No-track farm boots which they stopped making years ago (used to be available from Hank’s Farm Clothing, but they sold out to some other outfit). If you’re dead set on creating some zero drop boots you’ll probably need to start with boots that have a one-piece, crepe sole. Good luck!

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