Voice from a Ghost Box

Last night at the monthly meeting of Richmond League of Occult Research and Education (L.O.R.E.) we experimented with a “ghost box.

Chris, one of our members, was kind enough to do the background research and set up the experiment.  After a failed attempt to set up an AM-scanner-type ghost box (wrecking a couple of transistor radios in the process), Chris was forced to download the SV-1 SpiritVox “Ghost Box” onto his android phone.  This is a very popular app, and has been used by Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked, and over 200 other paranormal investigation groups around the globe.

What does this thing do?  The SV-1 Spiritvox plays random audio clips and white noise.  An AM scanner ghost box pulls random words from the airwaves.  Either way, the idea is that any spirits in the area are able to manipulate the random clips and send messages to us mere mortals.

Chris and I made a list of questions and started asking them.  Our first question was “Is anyone there?” to which we got what seemed to be an immediate, although unintelligible answer (click to hear it yourself).  Next we asked, “What is your name?”  Again the answer was unintelligible (listen).

But when we asked, “When did you die?” we got a reply that sounds like “1832.”.   “1832” appears at 1:13 (listen).  At this point we were intrigued and excited.  Next we posed the question, “Where are you buried?” and got what seems to be “In the cemetery.”  This happens at :13 of the recording (listen).  I may be dreaming, but I think I hear it twice on the recording.  We asked a few more questions, but heard nothing.

Actual spirits or random sounds?  Wishful thinking, or actual phenomena?  I’m at a loss as to how we could possibly prove or disprove that what we heard was a real spirit.  I’m also fully aware that the human mind is really good at recognizing patterns and/or creating patterns when there aren’t any (a phenomena known as pareidolia).

All I can say is that the experience was a huge amount of fun.  By all means give it a try yourself.  When you’re done, just in case, I suggest completing a simple banishment.  Say something simple and direct like, “To the forces, powers, and spirits present, I bid you farewell and godspeed and send you back to whence you came — let there be peace between us all.”  As you make this statement, cross yourself, or if it suits you better, scribe a banishing pentagram with your finger, complete a Qabalistic cross, etc.

That’s what I did when I left the meeting.  You know, just to make sure nothing followed me home.


6 responses to “Voice from a Ghost Box

  1. There is a cemetery right outside of the library. I have “bought” dirt there. I am going to play with this app.

  2. We missed you last night — I told Chris it was a shame you couldn’t make it!

  3. Well, I guess the next logical step is to go to the graveyard and see if any markers show a death year of 1832!

  4. paragirlproductions

    I have gathered loads of EVP’s using the old method of using a voice recorder, I am still a little unsure of the ghost box but I may think about purchasing one,.


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