Bradbury Challenge: Weeks 7, 8, and 9

If you’re new to the idea of the Bradbury Challenge, here’s my inaugural post.

I promised myself I’d finish The Vase of Melampus by the end of Week 6, but the thing grew into what looks like almost a novella.  The challenge is to write a story a week, not to not to come up with ideas for novellas and get bogged down.  Melampus was way too big of a concept, so I decided to come back to it later and left it about half done.

Week 7:  I wrote a story called Soup, a quirky little piece that takes the form of a fake newspaper article about the POTUS going off the rails.

Week 8:  This was a super week.  I wrote Rebirth of a Salesman, which may actually be the best short story I’ve ever written.  Love this story, and I plan on entering it in the Zoetrope contest this weekend.

Week 9:  This week I bombed.  Although my writing output is solid, I put all my effort into working on the upcoming calisthenics book and editing the novel.  I did however submit a story to the Paperbook Collective and I made the next issue.  By all means check out the blog and online mag.  There’s some great stuff going on over there (and Jayde is an aspiring ‘zinester, which gives her additional cool points).

Next week: back on the horse.

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