Saturday’s Ground Fighting Practice

Update 7/18/19:  My club still uses the flag but we’re now called Cabal Fang Temple, and we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity.  Visit our website or purchase our 12-week personal growth program at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, or wherever fine e-books are sold.


Original post:

imageThe photo at left is of the setup for our ground fighting practice at The Order of Seven Hills this past Saturday.  We staked out a tarp, whipped out a heavy bag, and got to work (the heavy bag in the photo is DIY — for instructions click here.)

Here are a couple of our drills.  Warm up well first, and be prepared.  They may not look like much on paper, but these drills are tough, especially back-to-back.


Groundfighting Conditioner #1

Set a timer to beep every 2 minutes (no breaks).  There are 5 rounds to this little workout.

Round 1: Place forearms on heavy bag and toes on floor with no other points of contact with anything.  Keeping forearms on the bag, circle the bag using only legs and feet,like the hands of a clock, one full revolution.  Reverse and repeat until the bell rings.
Round 2: Mount the bag.  Strike the bag 10 times as hard as you can (elbows, punches, hammerfists, etc.).  Body lock the bag and barrel-roll once.  Mount and repeat until the bell rings.
Round 3: Lay on your back with the bag on top of you.  Lower end should be mid-thigh, upper end near top of your head.  Push up the bag with one hand and elbow/punch/hammerfist it five times with the other.  Switch hands and repeat until the bell rings.
Round 4: Side Mount the bag.  Scissor your legs in each direction 3 times.  Scramble over the bag to the other side using technique used in Round 1 and repeat.
Round 5: Lay on your back with the bag perpendicularly on top of your body.  Roll it up and down across your torso, pushing and pulling it like a rolling pin to strengthen your ribs.  If you are strong and durable enough, push it up and let it drop.

Groundfighting Conditioner #2

Set a time for 10 minutes.  Complete as many rounds as you can of:

  1. Mount your heavybag.  Strike it 10 times as hard as you can.
  2. Drop, lock, and roll so that bag is ontop of you.  Knee boost or neck bridge the bag as hard as you can.
  3. Roll and Mount the bag.  Repeat.

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