Making Your Own Heavy Bag

If you have a heavy canvas sea bag, one of the military-style kind, you can make your own heavy bag in just a few minutes.

Put a heavy-duty, contractor grade trash bag inside your canvas bag and roll down the top so that you can pack it tightly from the bottom up (see photo gallery below).  Fill it with folded linens (sheets, not towels), packing tightly as you go.  Slowly unroll as you fill.  It’s very important that your linens are folded, not just crumpled and crammed.  The less air the greater the weight!

When it’s full, tie off the plastic bag and link the top.  If you use linens, your bag should work out to be in the 40 – 50 pound range — lighter than a traditional bag but okay in a pinch.

Why make your own bag?  In my case, since our club meets outdoors, I didn’t want to get any of my good bags wet on rainy days.  So I put this one together.  If it gets wet, all I need to do is wash and dry the outer bag and repack.


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