Hey Tammie, Jordan, G.E.G., Andrew, Joy…

wpid-IMG_20140326_150737.jpgSo last week I gave all 200 of you — my loyal blog followers — a reason and a place to fly your flag.  And what did I get?  Crickets chirping.

This goes out to Eli, Rachel (all three of you), Rachael (had to be different, didn’t you?), Andrew, Jordan, Jayde-Ashe, Ekaterina, G.E. Gallas, Tammie, Joy, and all the rest of you creative blog-rats:

In the comments below, regale us with tales of your creative output over the last 12 months. 

Come on people!  Strut the runway, take the podium, steal the spotlight, snatch the mic, streak the stadium, bomb the photo.

Tammie and Eli, tell us how many words you wrote.  Joy, Andrew, tell us how many hours you spent training in martial arts.  G.E., how many drawings have you done?  Look, you might not get a chance to get on Letterman before he retires, so this is your chance to steal the spotlight for minute.


2 responses to “Hey Tammie, Jordan, G.E.G., Andrew, Joy…

  1. Sorry Robert— didn’t see this until today. I’ve been too busy creating!

    Last twelve months? Wow. Let’s see: three paintings; forty-eight zentangles; seven mansions of the moon illustrations; a clockwork automaton; a trio of bookbinding projects; a quartet of meetings of my lodge project; a completely new curriculum in computer science classes; a revised Latin curriculum; and (at 40-ish minutes a day), something like 245 hours of tai chi practice.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Now that is what I’m talking about. Congratulations Sir, that is a staggering quantity of creative output! I know that there is much more creativity taking place around me that I can’t see. I wish more folks would share as you have. How inspirational!

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