What’s your CQ? Tell the World Here!

Sorry, trick question.  There’s no such thing as a true “Creativity Quotient” that can be measured in the same way as IQ. But you can ask yourself what you’ve done in the last year or so that is truly creative.

What have you contributed to the flow of human creativity in the last 12 months?

Go ahead and brag.   In the comments below, shamelessly show off, promote what you’ve done, and generally prance across the stage.  We’re waiting!

What the heck, I’ll go first.  In the last twelve months I have:

  • Finished the 83,000 word rough draft of The 14th Mansion, the third and final novel in the Montenegro Cycle — coming soon! — and earned a 4-out-of-five-star review for Ghilan on B&N
  • Started the PTDICE (c) website and marketed two new products
  • Completed a spiritual and artistic How-To Book involving 21 meditations and 21 acrylic paintings (currently being shopped to publishers)
  • Written 11 short stories totaling almost 40,000 words
  • Seen my eBooks get downloaded 2,504 times and reduced by body fat by 4%.  Okay, neither of those is exactly creative, but since we’re bragging, I couldn’t help myself…

It’s easy for creative, driven people to get frustrated when their creativity doesn’t get much recognition and/or earn much cold hard cash.  So go ahead, self-promote, get a little recognition.  I’ll applaud you.  I’ll be that one guy in the back of the room who claps.





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