Wiki Builders, Feel My Pain (a.k.a. “My Wiki Hell”)

wiki_hellOver the past couple of years I’ve managed to create a pretty extensive wiki.  Last month my hosts over at Wikispaces decided they only want educational wikis.  Although I think my wiki is pretty educational, what they mean by “educational” is wikis for students and teachers and stuff.

Basically they told me to scram.  Beat it.  Get lost.

So I started looking at other free hosting options.  There were lots.  But what I found out — to my shock, horror, disgust, and complete, unadulterated FURY — was that the format used by Wikispaces is not compatible with, and therefore cannot be imported into, any other free wiki platform on the market.  Which means I have to manually copy and paste all of the pages, insert new links, etc. etc. and so forth.

“You have got to be f***ing kidding me,” I said, followed by a swirling vortex of extreme swearing so severe and intense that it resulted in the formation of a wormhole.  I know that I entered a wormhole because I said every curse word I know, have known, or ever will know in every possible universe.

Mind-numbing crap-slog now in progress.

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