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Wiki Builders, Feel My Pain (a.k.a. “My Wiki Hell”)

wiki_hellOver the past couple of years I’ve managed to create a pretty extensive wiki.  Last month my hosts over at Wikispaces decided they only want educational wikis.  Although I think my wiki is pretty educational, what they mean by “educational” is wikis for students and teachers and stuff.

Basically they told me to scram.  Beat it.  Get lost.

So I started looking at other free hosting options.  There were lots.  But what I found out — to my shock, horror, disgust, and complete, unadulterated FURY — was that the format used by Wikispaces is not compatible with, and therefore cannot be imported into, any other free wiki platform on the market.  Which means I have to manually copy and paste all of the pages, insert new links, etc. etc. and so forth.

“You have got to be f***ing kidding me,” I said, followed by a swirling vortex of extreme swearing so severe and intense that it resulted in the formation of a wormhole.  I know that I entered a wormhole because I said every curse word I know, have known, or ever will know in every possible universe.

Mind-numbing crap-slog now in progress.

Introducing My Wiki

For years I’ve been calling the fictional universe my characters call home The Redneck Ul Universe.  Yeah, I know, it’s stupid.  But you can’t help the weird names your head comes up with.  It is named in honor of (a) the numerous redneck characters which inhabit the universe and for (b) the as-yet-unfinished Ul Trilogy.

I originally created the Redneck Ul Wiki so that I could keep track of dates and facts, and also so that I could make new connections between story lines and spawn new relationships and ideas.  But now I’m making it public so that my fans can have fun poking around.

Go check it out, but pardon the blanks and typos.  You’ll find details that didn’t make it into my books, character bios (some of which from unreleased material), information on half-formed stories and pending projects, links to the conlang I developed for the Ghilan series, and much much more.

I make Wiki updates on Tuesday mornings, so check back often.  And if you’re interested in writing a story featuring characters in my universe, let me know.