New! Live Workout Log for 2015


This is a forging post — a 4″ floor-to-ceiling wooden pole that you hammer on with hands and feet to harden them for fighting. The bottom two feet are wrapped in rope. The rest is plain.

For the last few years I’ve been sitting down in December to schedule workout ideas for the coming year.  What I did was cut ‘n’ paste my workout log into a .csv file and pre-schedule my posts to social media.  But this year I’m going live.

Each morning that I work out I’m going to blog, tweet, and post what I’ve done.  That way you can follow along, point and laugh, be inspired, or react in whatever manner floats your boat.

So without further preamble, here’s today’s workout:

DUMBBELLS (4 sets of 13: Military Press, Goblet Squats, Lat. Raises, Rip Cords); MEDITATION (10 mins); FORGING POST; GRIP STRENGTH

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