To use a weapon effectively you must allow yourself to fully bond with it.  This process is like the formation of a very dear friendship.  Associates influence you as much as you influence them, therefore you you must get to know them well before allowing yourself to become close.

WEAPON MEDITATION:  Select one of your primary martial arts weapons to meditate upon.*  Set and start a countdown timer for 10 minutes.  With weapon either in hand or on your lap, assume your customary meditation posture.  Take three deep breaths and relax.   Regulate your breathing into a steady and regular rhythm.  Meditate on the symbolism, power, purpose and potential of the weapon.  Consider it from all angles — the responsibilities involved in owning it, how it appears to others, how it works, its action, lethality, beauty, and so forth.  Ask yourself: “Is this a true friend with which I am prepared to become one?”

*I chose to meditate on my everyday carry knife (shown above).  Before I sat down I completed the LBRP to clear my head and set the stage for effective meditation.

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