This #WOD is No Joke


This sandbag workout looks easy on paper, but trust me when I say it’s no joke.*

Perform all exercises with a sandbag. (I’m 50+ years old and weigh 142 lbs. I used a 20 pounder. Select your bag weight based on your size, age, and fitness level.) 6 x 10 of Curl ‘n’ Press, Goblet Squats, Walking Push-ups, Lunge Press. Take as many 12 second rest breaks as you need to finish. I got done in 18:30.

Exercise notes:

  • Curl ‘n’ Press: Stand straight and hold bag in both hands with arms straight, bag at groin level.  Curl bag to chest level and press overhead.
  • Goblet Squats: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and hold bag in both hands at chest level.  Keep back straight and squat low until elbows touch knees.
  • Push-ups: Place bag on floor, get into Push-up position with one hand on bag. Push-up, then hand walk and place other hand on bag, Push-up, etc. alternating sides.
  • Lunge Press: Stand straight and hold bag in both hands at chest level.  Step forward into a front lunge, pressing the bag straight overhead as you do so. Step back into ready position as you lower the bag to chest level.  Alternate sides/feet.  This is a tough exercise and a super gauge of fitness.

* As always, warm up thoroughly before you begin any workout (10 mins minimum).  During exercise, monitor your heart rate and keep it within safe limits. You can use the old traditional formula (220 – age = theoretical max beats per minute) or you use this fancy online one that’s way more accurate.  I’m not your coach, I don’t know your body, and I’m not responsible for your health.  You are.  Proceed at your own risk.

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