Home Movies and my Production Schedule

These are the home movies of Betty and Bobby Mitchell who were married for 51 years, from their wedding day in 1957 until Bobby’s passing in 2008.   Betty went to join him in 2016.

Coming in 2018, a novelization of their incredible love story,  written by yours truly.  That’s the third book on my production schedule.  Currently I’m working on the The Complete Cabal Fang Martial Arts Training Manual from Querent to Elder.  After that comes the Hermetic Qabalah Book, tentatively entitled 358: The Abraxas Point.

Once those two are done, Mom and Dad’s love story is up to bat.  The working title has always been Mitchell Men’s Breakfast.  The plan is to have each chapter open with one of our famous breakfasts, chocked full of bawdy and hilarious talk, and then follow Pop home to his married life and his reminiscences of the past.

My wife says I shouldn’t self-publish this one, that it has the potential to get picked up by a gen-yoo- wine publishing house.  It does sound like a real honey, doesn’t it?  It might be worth all the query letters and rejection slips, but I don’t know.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are Mom and Dad’s home movies, all Super-8 so there’s no sound.  If you’re a relative of mine and you object to these being up on the web, or if you object to being fictionalized (in a wholly positive way, of course!) in the forthcoming book, please just drop me a line and let me know.  I’ll I’ll edit you out of these movies and/or dis-include your characters from the book.

Without further preamble here are the movies.  Keep your eyes open for the Apollo 11 Moon landing.  Enjoy. [Updated 3/27/16: Two more videos added, #4 and #5]

2 responses to “Home Movies and my Production Schedule

  1. Squeeze! I LOVED it! Thank you for pointing these to me.
    Honestly, I watched bits of all of them b/c I like silent, visual randomness that makes me wonder about & imagine the backstory.
    That bedlah your mom is wearing is gorgeous. I swear they don’t make them like that anymore, especially with that incredible strapping on the back. I hope she found the same magic in the dance as I have, especially as a mother… & a mother of boys. Watching her, I’m pretty sure she did.
    Nice tarzan you had going there. Kids. Always so much the same no matter the era. 😉

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Mom would be so thrilled — she made that whole outfit. Made all her own stuff, did all the beading and the coins, all of it. There was always someone coming over to get her help making or adjusting something. She danced at the International Festival every year, did charity events, dance school promotions, and educational bits. Traveled all over and took seminars, you name it. She was a pretty awesome mom. Like you, she marched to the beat of her own drum. Which is good for the mom, but also good for the kids who learn through example. She taught me so very much.

      And yes, thank you very much, I had a mean Tarzan going if I do say so myself 🙂 I still love the Lord of the Jungle and await the new movie with adolescent, quivering excitement — Ahyeee ahyeeah ah Eee-aheeyah!!!!

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