Ladybugs and Silicone, plus WOOTW #8


One of my paintings…

Life always evolves ever more enlightened forms, with larger brains and more highly developed social structures.  Matter struggles to transform itself into something greater too, gravity being evidence of its desire to confederate, tryst, and come together.  Silicon, through it’s symbiotic relationship with humanity, strives for its maximum attainment through circuit boards, software and the virtual, mechanico-electric equivalent of Nature’s web — the internet.

In the same way that a ladybug will always climb to the highest finger on a child’s hand as it searches for a place to launch into flight, so do all things in the universe reach for the highest level of consciousness.

Everything in existence is searching for a mountaintop where it can commune with God, the One, the All.

And this is why, when I’m staring off into space, my wife no longer asks, “Whatcha thinking about honey?”

And now for the Cabal Fang Workout of the Week.  WOOTW #8 is a martial arts fitness and mobility drill that works just fine either armed or unarmed!

Set a timer for 1 minute repeating intervals. Armed or unarmed (your choice) complete 1 minute each of: 1. Step up and over 2. Crawl under 3. Jump Up 4. Crawl under 5. Push-ups 6. Crawl under 7. Jump up 8. Crawl under 9. Russian Squats 10. Step up and over. Beginners, bodyweight only. Intermediate players, add wrist weights. Advanced players add wrist weights and weighted vest.

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