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Ladybugs and Silicone, plus WOOTW #8


One of my paintings…

Life always evolves ever more enlightened forms, with larger brains and more highly developed social structures.  Matter struggles to transform itself into something greater too, gravity being evidence of its desire to confederate, tryst, and come together.  Silicon, through it’s symbiotic relationship with humanity, strives for its maximum attainment through circuit boards, software and the virtual, mechanico-electric equivalent of Nature’s web — the internet.

In the same way that a ladybug will always climb to the highest finger on a child’s hand as it searches for a place to launch into flight, so do all things in the universe reach for the highest level of consciousness.

Everything in existence is searching for a mountaintop where it can commune with God, the One, the All.

And this is why, when I’m staring off into space, my wife no longer asks, “Whatcha thinking about honey?”

And now for the Cabal Fang Workout of the Week.  WOOTW #8 is a martial arts fitness and mobility drill that works just fine either armed or unarmed!

Set a timer for 1 minute repeating intervals. Armed or unarmed (your choice) complete 1 minute each of: 1. Step up and over 2. Crawl under 3. Jump Up 4. Crawl under 5. Push-ups 6. Crawl under 7. Jump up 8. Crawl under 9. Russian Squats 10. Step up and over. Beginners, bodyweight only. Intermediate players, add wrist weights. Advanced players add wrist weights and weighted vest.

More Spiritual Evolution


This is a painting I did a couple of years ago entitled “Homo vesica piscis” (Acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 10″)

Your Spiritual Evolution Starts Now” is one my more popular posts and also one of my personal favorites because, in one little 300-word essay, I express the seed of an incredible idea — a Unified Evolutionary Theory that encompasses both scientific and spiritual evolution.

What my theory expresses is simple.  Fish wanted food that was on land.  They splashed in the shallows, used their flippers to skip in the mud, and 65 million years later, they had legs.  Fish became amphibians which became reptiles which became mammals and now there are people.  In other words, you don’t walk around because you have legs.

You have legs because you want to walk around.  And you are not going to have wings unless and until you desire to fly.  This is immensely powerful stuff as it is.  But in this followup post I want to expand the idea somewhat.

Sure, the first fish who took it a little too far must’ve died flopping on dry land.  But there is nonetheless hope for each of us within a miraculous gestalt, a great and grand holistic process of which each of us is a part.

This great and grand process is about more than fish becoming amphibians becoming reptiles becoming mammals becoming humans.  It encompasses matter we normally consider inert and “non-living.”  Water and minerals, the so-called “primordial soup” of a billion years ago, produces monomers which become organic polymers which become amino acids which become microorganisms which become tiny creatures which become fish, and so on.   Matter has desire also.  It wants to live.

Matter wants to live not just as biological life but as cosmological life.  The dust of the universe wants to coagulate to form planets, and planets with enough mass want to become stars so they can illuminate other planets and enable.  Silicon wants to become chips, and chips want to produce artificial intelligence.

Everything in the universe wants to evolve, to become, to shine.

I’m definitely going to be reading Chardin’s “The Phenomenon of Man.” It’s next on my reading list.

Imagine my surprise to discover the work of French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  Chardin was a student of evolution and a paleontologist who was involved in the discovery of both the Piltdown Man hoax and the game changing Peking Man.   He also had some very interesting notions about the evolution of the universe, ideas that closely mirror the cascading realizations I’ve had over the last year or two, the ones I’ve expressed above.

Not at all surprisingly, many of Chardin’s writings were suppressed by the Catholic Church and were not published until after his death.  He calls his view the “Law of Complexity-Consciousness” and refers to the ultimate destination of the universe as the “Omega Point,” an idea that one could and should compare and contrast to Kurzweil’s “Singularity”.  Even more amazing, Chardin’s model is not all at odds with the Qabalistic model I’ve discussed before.

Humanity needs to realize this stuff, and realize it quickly, or else we are all going to go extinct on this little blue ball.  All of the work that went into this evolutionary journey over the last 4.5 billion years — the work of dust becoming planets and suns, the work of mineral water soup becoming proteins which became microorganisms, tiny critters, fish, reptiles, birds, and people —  will be wasted.

So many wonderful and miraculous ancestors worked so hard to get us here, and there is so much potential left in us, in this world, in all its inhabitants animal, vegetable and mineral.

How can we permit failure in carrying forward this torch?

Your Spiritual Evolution Starts Now

This chart shows the evolution of humanity from a scientific perspective. It is scientifically accurate with respect to our current understanding of evolution.

We learned in elementary school that about 400 million years ago there were fish who desired to avail themselves of food that was only available on land.  These fish started scooting around in the mud using their flippers.  It took 30 or 40 million years, but they evolved into four-legged creatures (tetrapods) like the Ichthyostega.  One thing lead to another.  Eventually you get people (see the cool graphic on the right).

What this means is that you don’t walk around because you have legs.  You have legs because you want to walk around.  

Get this through your head.  Think about about it and what it means.  Intelligent design, in the sense that a deity who looks like Santa Claus sits up in heaven and directs the process, is a silly and childlike model of evolution.  Now, if what you mean by “intelligent design” is that you direct the evolution of yourself and your species, then you might be on to something.

This is the Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah. It is, among other things, a model of spiritual evolution.

The Godhead — the Prime Mover, the Divine Spark Plug, the Fuse of the Big Bang — is a power or energy beyond our comprehension.  It isn’t conscious as we understand it and it can’t do anything.  It flows into the universe, dividing itself into pieces — rocks and stones and trees and plants and bugs and animals and birds and people and such (see the cool graphic on the left).  Each and every one of us is at once God and individual.  So is every bug and ape and Great Horned Owl.  We are all agents of God — but we are also dancing meat sacks.  Both are true.  Understanding and reconciling those two opposites, not intellectually but through direct, spiritual experience and with complete, fully-involved feeling, is the the point of mysticism.

What does this mean?  It means that just as surely as you have legs because you want to walk around, you are not going to have wings unless and until you desire to fly.  

Your personal evolution cannot begin, and you cannot join humanity’s evolution, until you start to realize that anything is possible in the fullness of time.

If you want to start your physical, spiritual, and mystical evolution, join the Cabal Fang Distance Learning Program.  It only costs $10/month. [Update:  This program is now free! Email me for details.] In addition to being a fitness and martial arts program, it is also a very strong, esoteric educational program rooted in Hermeticism — sometimes called the ‘Zen of the West.’

What in heaven are you waiting for?

Evolution, Politics, Religion, Fashion

The consensus model of human evolution is that we originated in Africa and from there migrated to the rest of the world.  The phantom concept known as “race” is the result of adaptation to environment, isolation, and cultural favoritism toward certain traits.  To oversimplify, if your gene pool lives in a cold, cloudy and remote place and your culture thinks blue eyes and blond hair are pretty, eventually you get vikings.  Race is just a way to categorize people by how they look even though we’re all the same species.

As a result of transportation, communication, and changing attitudes, interracial marriage rates are on the rise.  We are well on our way to returning to our origins — a single “race.”

Most rational people understand that anyone obsessed with racial purity  is a prejudiced, backward-looking, dangerous numbskull.  Race has all the significance of a fashion trend.  Trying to preserve racial purity is like fighting to keep bell-bottoms forever in style.  Only way more dangerous.

In prehistory, before cities, governments, and agriculture, when we wandered out of Africa as hunter-gatherers, we were in familial bands with the same politics and religion.  Agriculture came into fashion and we began to settle down in one place, which gave rise to the idea of city-states.  At that point we were still able to say with some certainty that our neighbors were of the same basic political and religious persuasion.  But still, there was increasing friction.  It’s no coincidence that the world’s oldest city is in Sumer and that’s also the home of the world’s oldest legal code.

Technology is having the same affects on politics and religion that it is having on race.  Every technological advance has had an impact.  The printing press ushered in the democratization of knowledge (without Gutenberg there would be no Protestantism) and that trend has continued and intensified, now culminating in the modern internet.

Just like “race,” the idea of the city-state is dying.  Not only can we no longer rely on our neighbors to look the same, we can no longer rely on them to be of the same political or religious persuasion.  Just as we are returning to our original “race” we are returning to our original social structure — family units with overlapping views on politics and religion.  In fact, we’ve progressed so far so fast that even that isn’t a certainty.  According to this Washington Post article, “15 percent of U.S. households were mixed-faith in 1988. That number rose to 25 percent by 2006, and the increase shows no signs of slowing.”

The idea of a nation united around a single set of cultural beliefs is an obsolete fashion.  Trying to preserve it is like trying to keep everyone riding penny-farthings instead of mountain bikes.  Only way more dangerous.

Our political and religious systems are not keeping up with our evolution.  Religion is doing better, I suppose because it’s far easier to change how you think about God than it is to change how you’re governed.  Religions that are adaptive and forward-thinking are doing better than those that refuse to let go of the past.  The fastest growing Abrahamic religion is Islam at 1.84% annually.  Compare that to Wicca at 143%.  No, I didn’t forget the decimal.  That’s 77 times faster than Islam.

Politically we’re still holding onto outmoded notions, and it shows.  Here in the U.S. we have a deeply divided congress and we just had a presidential election that, for all intents and purposes, was a tie.  Trying to force half of a country to live the way the other half wants to live is as ridiculous as making everyone wear leisure suits and platform shoes.  Only way more dangerous.

Economics is faring just as poorly.  For generation after generation the growth model of economics has been the black tie of the ball.  Now that we know that there are too many people on the planet, resources are running out, and climate change is a real threat, the growth model is looking pretty mush busted.  Old ideas about economics failed to predict the 2008 financial collapse and only a handful of people are questioning why nobody is rewriting the economics textbooks.  Nobody’s talking about how to get everyone employed and fed without growth, or talking about how to reduce our population.

Across the world there are people holding on to the old ways, and they come in all colors and styles.  Sometimes they’re plainly outfitted as fundamentalists or conservatives, but other times they dress up and play progressives.  It’s all so tiresome and outmoded.  Politics today is like a fashion show from the 1950s.  Only way more dangerous.

Let’s embrace our evolution and move on to new ideas — shrug off our old outfits and put on some fresh clothes.