The Five Goals of Training and WOOTW #15

Never walk up to a heavy bag and just start walloping it, or just start randomly throwing punches at the air, slinging dumbbells, or aimlessly jogging. Why waste valuable training time when you can train with a purpose?
In Cabal Fang there are 5 Training Goals, and they are Speed, Power, Endurance, Accuracy and Form. Before you start your workout, decide what you’re going to try and improve — then tailor the workout to drive improvement in that direction!

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week

Kicks in all 5 Ways (warm up thoroughly before you begin!)

SPEED: Set timer for 30 secs. Roundhouse kick  heavy bag as many times as you can in 30 secs. Rest 30 secs and repeat. If you don’t beat your kick count the second round, do 25 Push-ups. Remember that count and carry that number through the rest of this workout. 

POWER: Turn off timer. Whatever your kick count was last round, do that many kicks as hard as you can, with maximum malice. Take your time but don’t lollygag. Rest 30 secs and do it again. If you or any training partners think your power was less the second round,  do 25 Push-ups. 

ENDURANCE: Are you kidding? This whole workout in total is ENDURANCE practice! 

ACCURACY: Mark a spot on the bag no bigger than 2″. Kick to your count. Do 5 Push-ups per miss. Rest 1 minute and repeat. You guessed it — beat your score the second round or do an additional 25 Push-ups. 

FORM: With one hand on a sturdy object, complete your kick count very slowly and with perfect form. Rest 1 minute and repeat. If your or any of your training partners thinks your form was lower on the second set, do 25 Push-ups. 

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