Basic Buddhists, Bad Buddhists — Bulletin for the Study of Religion

I found author Adam T. Miller’s relativistic challenge of “basic” vs. “bad” absolutely fascinating.  In the end, as Miller points out, the counter culture in some way supports the culture.

The metaphysician or mystic apprehends that labels are lies, maps are not the terrain, and all actions are merely techniques with results.  The monk, for example, who abstains from eating meat experiences certain things that may be beneficial.  Another monk who defiles himself by imbibing urine experiences things through transgression that might be beneficial.

Each may be an effective mind expanding technique depending on the circumstances and his or her personal developmental needs.


by Adam T. Miller — A few days back, the Bulletin’s own Nathan Rein asked the hive-mind that is Facebook to fill him in on what it means to be “basic.” In the ensuing discussion, someone shared a link to a Bustle piece titled “How to Spot the Basic Bitch: A Field Guide.” In the article, brief mention…

via Basic Buddhists, Bad Buddhists — Bulletin for the Study of Religion

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