Wushu Impact, Your Combat Clock and WOOTW #17

screenshot_2016-08-12-05-20-43.pngIf you don’t think that martial arts can change the world, read this fantastic article at Fightland.

And now on with the Cabal Fang Workout of the Week.


1. Complete a full Constitutional as follows:

Bicycles (50)
Mountain Climbers (50)
Ab Punches (1 min)
Push-ups (50)
Zombie Squats (100)
V-up Holds (1 min)
Burpees (25)

2. Drill your self-defense clock for 15 minutes.  Have your partner attack you with a dull training weapon from at least 8 points on the clock, all the way around.  You should have a defensive counter for every point on the clock.


If you don’t have a self-defense clock, you can use mine.  From defender’s perspective as follows:

12:00 Supinating Wristlock (kotegaeshi)
1:30 Top side Wristlock
3:00 Stop Hit
4:30 Hyperflexing Wristlock (“gooseneck” lock)
6:00 Elbow jam to Muffle
7:30 Double Wrist Lock
9:00 Stop Hit
10:30 Master Lock

All of these defenses can be used from multiple points on the clock, but putting them at specific points gives them a home, making them easier to teach, practice and remember.

Don’t know what these holds are?  Don’t understand anything I’m talking about?  Pre-order the next martial arts book and you can find out on release day!



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