The Raven, the Niche and the Podcast

No, I’m not a mega-fan of C. S. Lewis and/or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.   I just figured that I wrapped my title around that of a famous book it might catch your eye.  Did it?  Sure it did!

Anyway, I was really flattered to get a request from Vargas over at the Raven Tribe who asked me to appear on his Raven Talk podcast.  You’re always a little nervous when somebody asks you for an interview — are they planning to grill you alive?  Make fun of you?  Are they going to pull a Howard Stern on you?  Ya never know.

But my unfounded worry promptly dissipated once I got on the line with Vargas.  He was a polite and truly interested interviewer who seemed genuinely fascinated by the unusual martial arts niche we’ve carved out with Cabal Fang.  I really had a blast talking with him.

Hop over there please, and give it a listen.  Let’s make this his most popular podcast to date so that I’m guaranteed another invitation soon!

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