Big Anniversary and Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #30

The Cabal Fang Temple in the morning fog.

The Cabal Fang Temple in the morning fog.

Earlier this week we hit the first anniversary of the official consecration of the Cabal Fang Temple (to read more about the temple, click here).  I’ve been performing temple rites for years.  But I have to tell you that, when you commit to being the caretaker of a temple and you assume responsibility for its daily opening — ringing the bell, performing rites, and so forth — it changes everything.  It breathes a new kind of energy into your life.

Want to see the inside of the temple?  Well, most of the workout videos are shot in the temple, so watch the video below and you can get a slice!

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #30

1.  Sandbag Workout.  Select a bag that’s at least 10% of your body weight, more if you’re intermediate or advanced (I used a 32 lb bag that’s 20% of my weight).  Complete 4 sets of 10 of the following exercises: Lift ‘n’ Press, Squat Press, and Squats (video below).

2.  Indomitability Meditation.  What’s indomtability?

In`dom´i`ta`ble: 1. Not to be subdued; untamable; invincible; as, an indomitable will, courage, animal.

Meditate on the nature of Indomitability (from time you should meditate on one of the Five Vital Graces of Cabal Fang — Wonder, Sagacity, Frugality, Indomitability and Fraternity).  Assume your chosen meditative posture, regulate breathing, and spend 10 minutes allowing yourself to experience the meaning of “indomitable.”  What does it mean to be indomitable?  What does indomitability look like?   Can someone in a wheelchair be indomitable?  Someone paralyzed from the neck down even?   Record your results in your training journal or diary.



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