All Things are Possible

We don’t really know what the upper limits of human potential are.  Has there ever been a person who applied themselves fully?  We know what it looks like when a person makes a concerted effort.  These are the people in the history books and the heroes we hold dear.  Now try to imagine what 100% of personal potential might look like.

What could humanity do and achieve if everyone on the planet applied realized his/her full potential?  What would that look like?  Maybe that’s what the metaphor of heaven is meant to convey, yes?

What are you aspiring to?  Have you given up on something?  Something big, something small?  Why?

There’s more to you than you ever imagined.

Look, it’s a small thing, but maybe you’ll find it inspirational.  This morning I bridged a 60 lb. heavy bag for the first time — and I did it for 3 sets of 5 reps each (video below).

Yes, I know there are tens of thousands of folks in gyms worldwide who can bridge a heavy bag. But when I started pursuing this goal five months ago, a 15 lb sandbag felt heavy. Goes to show that if you apply yourself with intensity, you can make amazing progress at anything — inside the gym and out — even if you’re middle-aged.

Now it’s time to hit the next goal: the 75 lb. bag.  And also I have to raise the money to build a temple, and I have to save the world too.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get crackin’.


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