Plateau Smashing and WOOTW #84

Yesterday morning I squatted 245 lbs with a hip belt for 3 sets of 5  and on November 3rd I did my first Handstand Push-up (videos at the bottom of the post).  Not superhuman, but not too shabby for a 56 year-old who only sincerely started trying to get stronger a couple of years ago.

But a while back I hit a plateau on both exercises.  I was sore, tired and feeling defeated.  I thought I was done getting stronger.  Then I did some reading, adjusted my diet and my supplement combinations, did some serious bootstrapping, and >bang!< — plateaus smashed!  What diet and supplement changes did I make?

I added what I call my Power Breakfast and started using a very simple, safe and effective combination of supplements.  If you’re interested in the specifics, dodge over to Patreon and get the lowdown for a donation as low as $1/month — and get access to much more patron-only and/or early release blog posts and videos!

And now for the workout of the week.

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #84

  • 50 Duck Unders with a partner or 100 Combat Lunges if you’re training solo.  Watch this video. If you have a partner run it 50 times each person.  If solo, hang a rope or a chain to something sturdy to use in place of your partner’s neck.  Surge back a little and give the rope/chain a little yank, then lunge forward with sincerity as you move the opposite hand up into “hair-sweep” position so that your elbow creates space to get through.  Stand up and spin into seat-belt position.  From there you have lots of opportunities for take downs, cuffs, hammers, etc. (Hey Leo!  I’ve done the solo version of this drill three times this week — I’m gunnin’ for ya!)
  • Analyze a recent dream.  Pick one of your recent dreams and ask yourself what you can learn from it.  Can’t remember one?  Start writing down your dreams in your training journal and trust me, you will start remembering them.  Example: The other night I dreamt that I was doing a a helicopter survey of an area permanently flooded months before.  Everyone had left but one couple in a roofless house.  I looked through my binoculars and saw that the wife was cooking dinner on a gas stove in watery mud up to her knees, and the husband was in his recliner, half in and half out of the goop.  Huge snakes slithered in the muck.  Husband nor wife seemed to notice.  It occurred to me that they stayed because they were more afraid of the unfamiliar than they were of the muddy sewage water they were soaking in.  When I woke up I sat and had coffee, all the while asking myself what harmful thoughts, ideas and habits I might be clinging to out of familiarity.

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