The HPP OTM Protocol

Here is a photo of my training journal showing the dice for randomizing and the chart I came up with.

We’re testing out HPP OTMs at the club this month.  HPP stands for “Hold/Push/Pull” and  OTM stands for “on the minute.”

How do our OTMs work?  Well,  I have a list of 12 exercises — that are as martial-arts-specific as possible!  — which I have placed on three, four-sided dice (see photo above) so that I can select three of them at random.

The HPP OTM Protocol

  • Select 3 exercises at random — one from the Holding List, one from the Pulling List and one from the Pressing List.
  • Set timer for 1 min intervals.
  • Perform as many reps of Exercise #1 as you can.  At failure, rest until timer beeps, getting in position for the next exercise as you do.
  • Repeat with Exercise #2.  Again, when you reach failure, breathe deeply as you get in position for exercise #3.
  • Repeat with exercise #3.
  • Cycle through two more sets for a total of 9 minutes.
  • Record your max reps of each exercise in your training journal to keep track of PRs.
  • The beauty of this program is that as strength goes up the rest periods go down.  I shrinks to fit!
Holding List Pulling List Pressing List
Heavy Bag Back Bridge Chin-ups Sand Bag Overhead Press
Sand Bag Get-ups Rope Climbs Handstand Push-ups
Heavy Bag Reverses Finger Pull-ups/Hangs Heavy Bag Lifts
Heavy Bag Shrimps Sand Bag Cleans Sand Bag Thrusters




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