Straight Blast: Training Involution #115

The JKD and Wing Chun folks teach the “straight blast” — rapid-fire, vertical-fisted, hand-over-hand punches delivered at an opponent while running straight forward.  The term “straight blast” has become an standard term in the martial arts lexicon.

In Cabal Fang there’s no need to get finicky about the particulars.  The attacks you launch can be palm strikes, punches, chops, elbows, hammer fists, or what-have-you.  You can fight power hand forward or weak hand forward, whatever feels strongest.  And you can advance with an accelerated fencer’s creep, a series of short, double-speed steps, or a dead on run — doesn’t matter as long as you keep charging forward.  Our three rules are…

The Three Things You Must Do in a Self-Defense Situation

  1. Yell.
  2. Move in, move in, move in.
  3. Keep techniques short and center of gravity low.

Let’s incorporate the straight blast into the T.I. #115, shall we?

Straight Blast: Training Involution #115

  1. Star of Ishtar.  This month’s martial concentration is Self-Defense vs. Weapons.  Practice the Star of Ishtar¹ form against a partner or vs. a homemade training arm which you can make out of a pool noodle from the dollar store in 5 minutes.
  2. Straight blast.  Set a timer to beep every 40 seconds.  Or, if you have an interval timer, like the one on my Timex Ironman Triathlon watch, set an assortment of rounds between 20 seconds and a minute  — this will keep things unpredictable and supercharge the drill.  Start the timer.  Blast forward, striking as quickly and powerfully as you can, ignoring the timer, until you gas.  Maybe you’ll make it two rounds, maybe six, doesn’t matter.  Just rest until it beeps and start again.  Complete a total of 18 rounds (12 minutes).
  3. Sandbag OTM.  PIck your sandbag weight of choice (beginners 2o lbs, advanced 40+ lbs).  Sandbag Get-ups, Sandbag Cleans and Sandbag Thrusters (instructions here).
  4. Contemplation.  Complete the Cross of Light.  Then have a seat in your chosen posture and practice contemplation for 15 minutes.


¹  Don’t know the form?  Get a paper copy of the Cabal Fang Study guide here or download the ebook.


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