Fort Raleigh Historic Site

While we were down in Kitty Hawk, NC on vacation a couple of weeks back, I took a little trip over to the Fort Raleigh Historic Site.  Fort Raleigh protects and preserves the known portions of England’s first New World settlements from 1584 to 1590, as well as the cultural heritage of the Native Americans, European Americans and African Americans who have lived on Roanoke Island.

There are also two other attractions adjacent to the historic site — the Elizabethan Gardens (which I didn’t visit) and the Lost Colony Theater (which was in the off season so I couldn’t catch the show).

Here are the photos!

A huge writing spider (a.k.a. garden spider or Argiope aurantia).

Muscadine grape vine. The place was thick with the stuff. Fun fact: what may be the oldest living cultivated grapevine in the world is on Roanoke Island. << Click pic to read article >>


Remnants of old colony earth works.

Entrance to the Lost Colony Theater

View of the stage at the Lost Colony Theater

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