The Black Rose: Weekly Martial Arts Training Involution #120

People who attempt easy things are almost always successful.  People who try very difficult things fail often.  This is why it’s so easy to bash preachers,   politicians, and policemen for being insufficient, hypocritical, or downright failures.

The bar is so high nobody can hit it.

Cabal Fang is the hardest martial art on the planet.  There’s a lot to learn, the requirements are steep, and the fitness demands are high.  Even I suck at Cabal Fang — and I’m the guy who gave birth to it.  So what.

Let’s go do something hard.  We’ll suck, but at least we’ll get stronger.

The Black Rose: Training Involution #120

  • Sharpshooting (video below). 10 x 1:00/:30 as fast as you can.  If you don’t have a sharpshooter ball, click here to learn how to make one.  Or put a small “X” in medical tape on a regular double end ball.
  • Kicks.  Set a timer for 7:00.  Pick the two kicks in your repertoire at which you most stink.  Do as many as you can before the timer beeps.  I picked Flying Side Kick and Jump Front Snap Kick and I did 35 of each for a total of 70.  Practical kicks for self-defense?  Nope.  But I figure if my Flying Side Kick is good, my regular Side Kick will be amazing.
  • Bear Walks.  Set timer for 7:00.  Bear Walk until the timer beeps.
  • Conditioning Run.   CR2S.
  • Black rose banishing meditation.  Cool down thoroughly after your run.  Then set timer for 10:00.  Assume meditative posture of choice, close eyes, and regulate breathing.  Imagine a black rose.  This black rose is your fear of trying hard things, your fear of failure, or perhaps even your fear of success.  Visualize the petals falling off the rose as it slowly dies, and as it does, allow your fears to die along with it.
  • Write it down.  As always, record all of our activities and realizations in your training journal.

If you just said “I can’t do this!” then I say baloney.  You can do five times more than you think you can.  Just modify or substitute exercises to allow for your fitness level and/or special needs, take as many 12-count breaks as you need, and keep your heart rate under your max safe rate (220 minus your age = theoretical max). 

You can do this.

If you liked this training involution you’d love the Cabal Fang Study Guide.  Download it here.

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