Journals and Logs: Training Involution #139

This month’s Cabal Fang focuses are Self-Defense vs. Weapons — with a touch of offense as well — and “The Quill” (journaling).  Try to make some kind of journal entry every single day this month, even if it’s only one sentence.

Journals and Logs: Training Involution #139

  • Complete this month’s log constitutional.  No partner? No log?  No problem!  Use a dumbbell instead of a log (I chose a #30).  Do not put the dumbbell down unless you’re doing an exercise that requires you to do so.   Rack the dumbbell two-handed and perform Log Press (25 full), Log Squats (25), Log Hops (25 full ), Log Sit-Ups (25), Log Lunges (50), Log A-Lifts (25) and Log Curb Touches (100).  See video below.
  • Choose your weapon and start attacking.  Choose the blunt weapon of your choice — wooden knife, walking stick, tactical pen, whatever you prefer — and set  a timer for 10 mins.  See how many attacks you can launch before the timer beeps.  Switch hands every hundred strikes or so.  I chose walking stick and completed 920 strikes.
  • Star of Ishtar form 25 times.  If you don’t know the form get the Cabal Fang Study Course and read up.


3 responses to “Journals and Logs: Training Involution #139

  1. Hey Mitch,

    Many thanks for the tutorial. I don’t have a log so I was wondering how I might modify the constitutional. Good thing it can be done indoors too, since we’re digging out from under about a foot of snow here in St. Louis! Feel better … ’tis the season for colds, etc. unfortunately.

    • Robert Mitchell

      You are welcome! I realized last month that I haven’t always done a good job of presenting solo alternatives, so I resolved to do better. You can’t build fraternity unless everyone can play the game, right? As to getting well, that needs to happen fast. I get sick about once every 5 years. And when I do, I’m such a big, miserable, grumpy, little baby!

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