Birthday Schmirthday

Yeah I know, I’m a self-defense expert, and for identity theft reasons know it’s not smart to advertise your birthday to the world. But I’m also a public figure, and my personal cats are not staying in the bag. So don’t be like me — keep your birthday secret.

Anyway, yesterday was my 58th.

My kids all showed their love with cards, calls, texts and kind words. My wife’s baking me pineapple upside down cake on Saturday. My employees gave me a new travel mug. My Facebook exploded with well wishes.

I celebrated by sticking to my training regimen. My party was doing martial arts with the coolest bunch of guys on the planet, and my treat was a 2 oz. bag of roasted peanuts.

That’s what I call a great birthday!

Morning Session (90 mins)

(15:00) Body toughening, makiwara, forging post, shin rolling

(10:00) MBF calisthenics – “martial base fitness” — Chin-ups, Bag Lifts, Reverses, Leg Triangles

(40:00) Weights/Resistance. Box Deadlifts (bar at floor level) #155/5,4,3. Handstand Pushups 4,4,4. Dumbbell Bent Rows #25/10,10,10 (bicep rehab).

(14:18) Run/Jog. #8 weighted vest, #2 ankle weights, #1 hand weights, 1.25 miles.

(10:00) Contemplation

Evening Session (90 mins)

Cabal Fang martial arts:

(5:00) Self-defense Pop Quiz: What’s your wife’s license plate number? What did your kid wear to school this morning? Etc.

(10:00) Forms, warm-up

(15:00) Mirroring drills, sensitivity drills, distance and head level awareness, Shots and Sprawls

(25:00) Bobbing and Slipping, Counters

(25:00) Constitutional. 10-count Bodybuilders (25), Bear Walks (10 x 10 yards), Shuffle Runs (50 x 5 yards — forward/backward alternating), Crunches (100), Diamond Push-ups (25), Split Jump Squats (50), Ab Punches (1 min)

(10:00) Cooldown, Stretching Meditation

Quick shot of the scratch pad where I wrote down the calisthenics that the guys chose for this month’s constitutional

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