New Products in the Mitch’s General Store

Some of you may not know that I have a web store called Mitch’s General Store.  I sell e-books, artwork, PTDICE, and all kinds of stuff.

The newest product line is called Bobcat Martial Arts Dime Magazine.  These are $10 pdf booklets ranging from 15 pages/3,000 words up to 30 page/7,500 words, each containing links to exclusive video content.

Issue #1 is Frontier Fitness Set A.  It contains 5 complete Frontier Fitness drills all named and patterned after famous frontier characters both real and mythical.   Swing a sledge like John Henry! Tamp and swab a cannon like Molly Pitcher! Check for clinkers like Sim Webb! Includes biographical sketch of each character plus details on how each drill is done — with video!  Set A contains Sim Webb, John Henry, Molly Pitcher, Paul Bunyan, and Black Hawk.

Issue #2 is Walking Stick Self-Defense.  I’m one of just a handful of people worldwide who teach the Vigny-Lang method of cane defense.  This 31 page mini-manual of walking stick self-defense — with links to 5 different video lessons included! — contains all of the essential information you need to start learning the most effective and real-world-tested stick defense system ever devised.   Contains the 14 most devastating cane strikes, the 8 essential blocks and ripostes, the 9 must-have moves when stick-wrestling, the 150 Cane Strike Drill, the 10-minute Cane Strike Drill, the Gauntlet Drill, sparring equipment & rules, etc.

Go check it out — who knows, you might see something you like!



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