100 Bodybuilder Challenge

Me and the boy last night

UPDATE — 11/27/111:37 AM EST

Mark Hatmaker just posted in his Vale Alliance private FB group that — despite still rehabbing after knee surgery! — he just crushed the challenge in 10:43.  What can I say?  The man is a beast.

ORIGINAL POST 11/27/19 7:;30 AM EST

Last night we crushed the 100 Bodybuilder challenge!  I got them done in 13:15 and my son Robert finished in a blistering 12:47.

I set the original benchmark at 18:35 years ago.  Then my son carved off a minute or so, and I took off a minute, and we’ve batted it back and forth ever since.  Robert had the previous record at just over 15 minutes.

My 100 Bodybuilder time 11/27/19

Robert’s 100 Bodybuilder time 11/27/19

But last night was the first time we ever did it together.  The competition, camaraderie, and perfect weather just came together to create one of those moments.  I still can’t believe we shaved almost 3 minutes off our record times!

It’s going to be really hard to beat that 12:47.  Why don’t you go take a whack at it?  

In fact, next week on Tuesday night at Cabal Fang, my daughter Morgan and her fiance Jack are going to take the challenge.  I can’t wait to see what kind of time they put up!

How do you do a 10-count Bodybuilder?  It’s basically a Burpee with a Jumping Jack at the beginning, a foot maneuver in the middle, and no jump at the end:

  • Jumping Jack (1,2)
  • Squat down (3)
  • Shoot feet back to Plank (4)
  • Spread feet wide apart (5)
  • Bring feet back together (6)
  • Push-up (7,8)
  • Pop feet back to Squat position (9)
  • Stand up (10)

Navy Seal Mark Divine says that we are capable of 10 times more than we think we are, and he’s very clear that he’s not spouting hyperbole or metaphor.  I agree with him.  

Post your times in the comments!

Also, I put out two videos a week — martial arts videos on Wednesdays (see below) and religious videos on Sundays.

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