Trial and Storm: Martial Arts T.I. #217

This month’s martial focus is sparring.  All month long we’re providing solo drills to keep you sparring-fit during the pandemic.

Week one, a striking drill.  Week 2, a grappling drill.  Now, for Week 3, a wrestling fitness drill.



Trial and Storm: Martial Arts Training Involution #217

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes. Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, or light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • Morgan’s Constitutional.  My daughter Morgan passed her Constitutional Trial by completing this in 16:00 flat.  See how many licks it takes you to get to the center of this tootsie pop: Medicine Ball Clean & Press (40), Zombie Squats (50). Bear Walks (25 x 15′), Crunches Legs Up (50), Standing Broad Jumps (25), Bicycles (100), Mountain Climbers (100).
  • Imitate mythical sailor Captain Stormalong.  This little jewel is from my Bobcat Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble program.  Get out your floor bag and set a timer for 4 x 3:00/1:00 (advanced players work through the 1:00 rests).  Round 1, dry swim (alternate Flutter Kicks and Swimmers).  Round 2, wrestle your floor bag (Hip Heists, Back Bridge, etc.).  Round 3, Rope Climbs (if you can’t climb, hang).  Round 4, wrestle the floor bag some more (Shrimps, Bottom Scissors crush, etc.).
  • Practice the Rule of Five. This month’s symbol is the pentangle or 5-pointed star ★ (more about its symbolism here).  After you’ve cooled down for 3 minutes, spend some time organizing your life by the Rule of Five.  Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Then cut the right column into four equal parts so that your paper is divided into five sections.   Label the left column “Misc.” and the four sections on the right side, “Today,” “This Week,” “This Weekend,” and “This Month.”  List all goals and to-do items under “Misc.”  Then move three things into each of the blocks on the right, crossing them off the left as you go.  When you’re done you’ll have three things to do today, three this week, three this weekend, three this month, and a slew of things on the left that are on deck.  Work and maintain a list like this and it’ll change your life.  For more on this program see The Hourglass Way: Transform in 12 weeks with Cabal Fang.

TWO MARTIAL ARTS DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE. 100% free and operated through my non-profit, Cabal Fang is a martial arts for personal development, self-defense and fitness. If Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble — the fighting arts, survival skills, lifeways and ethos of the colonial and indigenous peoples of North American during the frontier period (1607 – 1912) — is more to your liking, check out Bobcat Frontier Martial Arts, my for-profit martial art project. Click either photo to get started today!

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