Slip and Fall: Mettle Maker #247

Heads up!  This week’s mettle maker contains a coupon code for a flash sale at Mitch’s General Store so read on.

Slip and Fall: Mettle Maker #247

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes.  Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • slip ball shopEight minutes on your slip ball.  Set a timer for four minutes and get in front of your slip ball.  Put in 4 minutes in your preferred stance and another 4 in reverse stance.  Don’t have a slip ball?  Get a free one, handmade by yours truly, with any purchase of $20 or more at Mitch’s General Store.  Add a slip ball to your cart and use coupon code “21SLIP” at checkout.
  • Hit the dirt and scramble for a loose weapon.  If you are under attack and there’s a scramble over a loose weapon, be prepared to come out on top — without falling on a blade and injuring yourself in the process!  Put on safety goggles and toss a rubber or wood training weapon up in the air about 6′ away.  As soon as it hits the ground, dive forward and gain control of it with your right hand.  Your enemy just missed — attack the imaginary killer two or three times.   Stand up and repeat until timer beeps.  Put in four more rounds, one right and one left with baseball slide and shoulder roll.  That’s 6 minutes of practical self-defense action that’ll force you to practice all weapon grips with both hands while training practical movement.  If you need training on the specifics on grips, pickup and/or movement techniques you’ll have to show up at Cabal Fang or enroll in the Bobcat Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble program.
  • Learn to tie a trucker’s hitch with a slip knot and two half hitches.  One of the most useful knots of all time, and my personal favorite.  In the pics below I’m using the knot to lash a t-shirt to a backpack.  But you could use this to hold a box onto a flatbed truck or to cinch down a tarp.
  • The Hand of Mysteries. Like the Hamsa, except there’s a fish in the palm instead of an eye. But the fish is the ichthys, which is the vesica piscis, so a fish is an eye. Sort of.

    Don’t fall from grace — fall into one of the Five Vital Graces.  This month’s spiritual symbol is the Hand of Mysteries, and each one of its fingers equates to one of the Five Vital Graces: Wonder, Sagacity, Frugality, Indomitability and Fraternity.  This week, put one or more Vital Graces into action in the real world.  Need examples?  You could travel to a new place and experience its majesty (Wonder), install a security or smoke alarm (Sagacity), sock away some money in savings (Frugality), do something that you’ve been putting off due to fear or dread (Indomitability), or help out a friend in need (Fraternity/Sorority).


TWO MARTIAL ARTS DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS AVAILABLE. 100% free and operated through my non-profit, Cabal Fang is martial arts for personal development, self-defense and fitness. Bobcat Frontier Martial Arts is just $19.99/month and that’s your choice if you’re interested in Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble — the fighting arts, survival skills, lifeways and ethos of the colonial and indigenous peoples of North American during the frontier period (1607 – 1912). What are you waiting for — enroll today!

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