Blue Origin = Blue Sun = Amazon

Way, way back in 2015, I wrote a post called B&N, Crapazon, and Paper Books.  In that post I made an joke comparing Amazon (I call it “Crapazon”) to the evil mega-corp Blue Sun from the Firefly TV show

Well, what I didn’t know then but I just realized today, is that — coincidence?  I think not! — Jeff Bezos had already founded his space company back in 2000 and he had named it Blue Origin.  Did Joss Whedon do this on purpose?  Nope.  Whedon once said that Blue Sun was a combination of Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

For me though, Blue Sun is Blue Origin, and Blue Origin is Crapazon.

Back when I wrote my original post in 2015, I reported that Jeff Bezos was the fifth wealthiest person on earth, I warned that the big box bookstore was in just as much trouble as the now-D.O.A. corner bookstore (sure there are a few, like Book People and The Little Book Store, but they are now scarcer than hen’s teeth).

As of today, Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man on earth, Barnes & Noble has closed numerous locations and is now privately owned rather than stock-market-listed.  

The march of Crapazon-Blue Sun continues.  Two-by-two, hands of blue — the hands of blue are coming for you.

The first great American Revolution was against the British monarchy. 

The next one will be against the mega-corps.

Browncoats unite!


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