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Today’s WOD and a Special Meditation


Sandbag Workout: AMRAYC in 15 mins of 10 each w/ #20 sandbag – Front Lunges, Walking Push-ups  (one hand on bag, alternating), Squat Presses, Back Crunches (no bag), Crunches (bag on chest), Get-ups  (bag on shoulder).

Ancestor Meditation: Assume your chosen posture, close your eyes, and regulate your breathing. When you’ve settled in, recall a relative who’s passed on. Select a specific memory of him or her, a wholly positive one, and step into the scene. Honor your ancestor and his or her memory by reliving the moment you selected, re-experiencing it with as much detail as possible.  Spend at least 10 mins on this work. 

I used a memory involving my father. Today is the 7th anniversary of his passing.  Rest in peace Pop.


My ancestor shrine