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Happy Independence Day and Why it Matters

Happy July 4th to all my friends in the USA and around the world!

In our busy lives it’s easy to lose sight of America’s greatness and to forget why we shook the world in the first place.

This July 4th let’s remember that the United States of America was the first time since the rise of feudalism that people could own their own land and govern themselves.

That’s a big deal.

Sure, there had long been parliaments and senates and such, but kings, queens, emperors and empresses had really been in charge.  Right up until 1776, the British Crown could force you to board troops, could levy taxes against you without recording your vote, and even put you in irons without a hearing or seize your stuff.  Escheatment still survives to this day, a vestigial organ reminding us that unclaimed property reverts to the ownership of the state because, in the past, everything really belonged to the Crown anyway.

Yes, the United States of America is a really big deal, a remarkable experiment that continues to this day.  There are still plenty of places in the world that are controlled by absolute rulers, sultans, kings, despots, communist parties, and so on.  And while the USA is no utopia, there are reasons why everyone wants to get in.

You’re a grand old flag.  Forever in peace may you wave.

Saying Happy July 4th with a Song and Whatnot

Emerald Hourglass2

This is an hourglass with a banner that bears a quote from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Copyright 2016 by Robert Mitchell Jr. All rights reserved.

This morning I got up feeling inspired.  So I got out the pens and colored pencils and created the work of art at the left.  It will be appearing in the martial arts book (here are the links in case you haven’t pre-ordered yet).

In other news, guess what day it is?

Look here — America ain’t perfect by a damn sight.  We’ve got a lot to work on.  And yet, when we’re hitting on all cylinders and we’re at our best, we are one hell of a country.  So I guess I just want to say Happy Independence Day 2016 to my fellow Americans and friends around the world the best way I know how.  With a song.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t give up my day job.  But when you have these feelings you have to give voice to them while you have the chance.

You only have one life to live.  So, like the fireworks that are going to be exploding into the skies tonight, you need to flash without shame or hesitation and shine as brightly as you can.