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Bifax: Martial Arts Training Involution #230

Do some of the work, or at least work out the riddle of how the name of the involution relates to its content, and then post in the comments.  People who engage have been known to get discount coupons for books and merch from Mitch’s General Store

T.I.s support my martial arts programs — Cabal Fang (non-profit martial arts for personal development) and Bobcat Martial Arts (Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble martial arts). 

That’s why they have four primary components:

  • a martial arts technique
  • a fitness component
  • a primitive skills angle
  • a spiritual component

Now let’s stop slacking and start hacking.

Bifax: Martial Arts T.I. #230

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes. Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, or light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • “Top-n-Bottom” wrestling drill.   10 x 2:00 intervals, no breaks, 1/2 to 2/3 power — just enough force to maintain realism while focusing on smoothness and technique.  Arrange in mis-matched pairs — as much size/weight diff. as possible — smaller partner holding larger in Bottom Scissors.  Smaller person practices chosen bottom submission (Chicken Wing, Leg Triangle, Short Arm Scissors, etc.) for 2 mins  Larger practices the counter.  Switch partners every time the bell rings and repeat.  If you’re working solo on account of COVID, use your grappling dummy.  If you don’t have one, see the instructions for making one for pennies in my e-book Martial Grit available from Smashwords, B&N, or iTunes.
  • Knock out this month’s constitutional. 

    Every constitutional back to 2009 is archived online at https://www.cabalfang.com/monthly-constitutionals

    Sit-out Push-ups (25), Ploughs (25), Pikes (25), Neck Crunches (25 ea. direction), Zombie Squats (50), Bear Walks (100 yards), and Jackknifes (25).  Beginners,  go slow and just try to finish (but listen to your body and don’t overdo it).  Intermediates, aim to finish in less than 20 mins.  Advanced, aim for under 15 mins and, if you succeed, go back and do 20% more (5 more of the 25-rep exercises, 10 more Zombies Squats, and so on).

  • Reverse the rehearsed — destabilize a training session. Train outdoors in the rain or in the cold, at dawn or dusk in the half light.  Train at a different location and/or at a different time.  You’ll be shocked by the severity of disruption.   You’ll be sloppy and unfocused.  Push through and get there.  Do this often.
  • Synch up your inside and your outside.  This month’s symbol is the Luminaries (the two lights that rule the day and night skies — check out the intro here).  One of the many things the Luminaries symbolize is the relationship between your inside and your outside.  Watch the video below and begin to think about paying special attention to what you are doing vs. what you are saying and experiencing — what the Greek fathers of the church would’ve called nepsis or watchfulness.
  • Journal.  Do the work, the external and internal, and about what you did and thought in your journal.  If it ain’t in the training journal it didn’t happen!

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Watchfulness: Overcoming Illusion

In spiritual circles there’s much ado about overcoming illusion.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Maya is illusion and ignorance.  Like dirt being removed from an object to reveal its true nature, dispelling illusion reveals truth.

In Zen, the confrontation with reality known as kenshō is the goal you cannot reach by striving.  As Brad Warner would say, to get started you should first “Sit down and shut up.

In Christianity, nepsis (watchfulness) and diakrisis (discernment) cleanse the nous (the ‘true I’) and dispel illusion, allowing entrance to the Kingdom of God.

Luke 17:20-21 (King James Version).

And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

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Book Sneak Peak: Mindfulness Exercise

I’m knee deep in the rewrite of Cabal Fang: Complete Study Guide from Querent to Elder.  In honor of the rewrite, and for those people who are really curious about what the spirituality of the martial art of Cabal Fang is really all about, I thought I’d post an excerpt.

The following mindfulness exercise is from Chapter 11: The Bell.

Living in the Moment

Plan to get out of bed about fifteen minutes early tomorrow so that you have enough time to brown bag your lunch for work or school. If you know that the cupboards are bare, go the grocery store the night before and get some things you think you might like. The next morning, rise a shade early and take a full fifteen minutes to prepare your lunch. Take extra care in the quality of the ingredients and how it is presented. Really make an effort to create a lunch that is nourishing yet beautiful, delicious yet simple and frugal. In a word, elegant. When done, don’t just chuck it in your purse or backpack. Pack it neatly and carry it respectfully.

When lunch time comes, get your lunch out of your bag, locker, or fridge and sit down to eat. If possible, sit alone to avoid distractions. Empty your head of any thoughts unrelated to this food and this meal.

Think about where the food came from. What does it mean that living things, plants and animals (if your meal contains meat), gave up their lives so that you could be nourished and live? What are you doing to make sure that the life you are leading is more meaningful and beneficial to the universe than the lives you have extinguished for your nourishment?

Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly and carefully. Think about how nutritious and delicious the food is, what it tastes like, and so on. Take in all the smells, colors and textures. Think about the different mouth feels of each food item you included. Experience each and every bite to its fullest sensual extent.

If, like most people, you rush around like mad all day and never take the time to fully participate in many of your daily activities, this will probably be the most interesting and delicious meal you’ve had in six months — maybe ever.

Take this idea and expand it to include other experiences. When you kiss your lover goodbye, take a deep breath and enjoy his or her cologne as you lean in. Hold a kid’s sticky little hand and really listen to what she has to say. One night, right before you go to bed, go outside and look at the sky for five minutes. I mean really look at it. Take it all in.

That’s what mindfulness is – fully participating in the trillion little moments that make up your life.