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The Finished Poster

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your enjoyment and edification, may I present the finished poster I blogged about the other day.   There’s a ton wrong with it — the scale of the objects is way off, there are some issues with the letters, general sloppiness issues, and so on — but it’s just an elaborate doodle I created for my workout room, something to remind me to stay focused, so who cares?  It’s not like it’s art that I’m selling or anything.

I’m sure it’s just the perfectionist in me, but I feel myself wanting to re-do it properly, taking more care.  Oh well, another day.  I spent several hours on it, a nice relaxing break.  Time to get back to finishing the next book…

My Tree of Life and Death

imageI’ve been studying Qabalah and the Qliphoth for the few years, and since my novels are set inside a fictionalized version of The Tree, I made this giant folding poster as a visual reference.

My poster contains fictional and non-fictional references, my personal notes, etc.  Notice  each path contains a miniature picture of the Tarot trump associated with it by the Golden Dawn (here is a great article that contains a wealth of information about pathworking with the Golden Dawn attributions).

I have, in a sense, combined the Qliphoth with the Sephiroth so that each orb contains the name of both.  This superimposition makes certain correspondences abundantly clear.  Since this photo was taken I have also pasted in Thomas Karlsson‘s 22 pathworking sigils.

The descriptions of the Emanations and their Husks, both in my novels and on the poster, are based on my own pathworking experiences, my artistic intuitions, and the various color indicators gleaned from many different color tables and scales.

I intend to continue adding notes as I work and write, so it will never be ‘finished.’  But at some point, when it’s reasonably concise, I may consider creating a poster of it if anyone is interested…