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Your Spiritual Evolution Starts Now

This chart shows the evolution of humanity from a scientific perspective. It is scientifically accurate with respect to our current understanding of evolution.

We learned in elementary school that about 400 million years ago there were fish who desired to avail themselves of food that was only available on land.  These fish started scooting around in the mud using their flippers.  It took 30 or 40 million years, but they evolved into four-legged creatures (tetrapods) like the Ichthyostega.  One thing lead to another.  Eventually you get people (see the cool graphic on the right).

What this means is that you don’t walk around because you have legs.  You have legs because you want to walk around.  

Get this through your head.  Think about about it and what it means.  Intelligent design, in the sense that a deity who looks like Santa Claus sits up in heaven and directs the process, is a silly and childlike model of evolution.  Now, if what you mean by “intelligent design” is that you direct the evolution of yourself and your species, then you might be on to something.

This is the Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah. It is, among other things, a model of spiritual evolution.

The Godhead — the Prime Mover, the Divine Spark Plug, the Fuse of the Big Bang — is a power or energy beyond our comprehension.  It isn’t conscious as we understand it and it can’t do anything.  It flows into the universe, dividing itself into pieces — rocks and stones and trees and plants and bugs and animals and birds and people and such (see the cool graphic on the left).  Each and every one of us is at once God and individual.  So is every bug and ape and Great Horned Owl.  We are all agents of God — but we are also dancing meat sacks.  Both are true.  Understanding and reconciling those two opposites, not intellectually but through direct, spiritual experience and with complete, fully-involved feeling, is the the point of mysticism.

What does this mean?  It means that just as surely as you have legs because you want to walk around, you are not going to have wings unless and until you desire to fly.  

Your personal evolution cannot begin, and you cannot join humanity’s evolution, until you start to realize that anything is possible in the fullness of time.

If you want to start your physical, spiritual, and mystical evolution, join the Cabal Fang Distance Learning Program.  It only costs $10/month. [Update:  This program is now free! Email me for details.] In addition to being a fitness and martial arts program, it is also a very strong, esoteric educational program rooted in Hermeticism — sometimes called the ‘Zen of the West.’

What in heaven are you waiting for?

Disengaging Ruach, Engaging Neshamah


A morning glory on my patio this morning. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Or morning glory. Any flower will do.

I greeted the morning by reading a lovely post by Moma Fauna that reminded me that I need to breathe a little and generally chill out.  That’s one of the things I love about her blog.  It seems like every post is written just for me, like one of those pictures where the eyes seem to follow you no matter where you are in the room (only not creepy).

I think it’s time to engage my Neshamah and disengage my Ruach.  So I shifted my morning workout down a couple of gears and took a moment to walk around my yard and enjoy the flowers.

What’s a Ruach and a Neshamah?  Well, in Qabalah  there are four parts of the soul:

  1. Chiah – the life force, or unified cosmic soul
  2. Neshamah – the higher instincts, such as love, holiness, kindness, and so on
  3. Ruach – the logical, discerning, common sense soul
  4. Nefesh – the animal drives, hunger, thirst, sex drive, etc.

This is a useful way of looking at your spiritual self.  If you want to be physically fit, you work out your whole body.  If you want to be spiritually fit, you should work out all parts of your soul.  Every day isn’t Upper Body Day, and every day shouldn’t be Ruach day.


And now for your 2-part Cabal Fang WOD (workout of the day).  Part 1 comes by way of the irrepressible Coach Mark Hatmaker.  It was in this morning’s LEGENDS Newsletter email.  If you want to get Legends in your email box, sign up here.

  • Get everything ready so you can run through each part without breaks.
  • Part 1: Select two dumbbells (#15/#20/#25 depending on your size).
  • Set timer for :30 intervals.  Do as many Push Presses as you can for :30, then “rest” for :30 with your arms locked overhead in the up position.  Cycle through twice more.
  • Complete 3 x 3:00/1:00 on the Heavy bag, all out.
  • Part 2: Get on your bike and ride for 30 minutes (if you don’t have a bike, do something else aerobic like jumping rope or jogging).  For the duration, keep your pace at “I can sort of talk but I definitely can’t sing.”

Tool, Jung, Qabalah, Qliphoth

wpid-IMG_20130623_093154.jpgYou see a post on Facebook.  Some friend of yours has visited Jackson Hole, and there are pictures of mountains, barns and elk.  You yawn and, because your friend seems so excited and you want to be considerate, you click in a quick “like” and move on.

Six months later, while on a a trip out west, you get stuck at Jackson Hole Airport and there’s no plane out until the next morning.  You figure, what the heck, you’re at the only airport in America that’s actually inside a national park.  Why not go look around?

You are floored.  The scenery is incredible, the Teton Range are like no mountains you’ve ever seen before.  Every barn, every elk, and every conifer glows with significance.  You start snapping pictures with your cell phone, fully intending to put them up on Facebook as soon as you get back to the airport, because people have to see this amazing place.

And then you realize that one of your friends already did this.  They were here, they felt the same way you do now, and you ignored their pictures…


With an hour set aside to work on my forthcoming Qabalah book, I put every Tool record I own on shuffle and slipped on my headphones.  The music played, and the words flowed, until Forty-six & 2 entered the rotation.  My fingers froze.  I had heard this song a thousand times.  And although I always liked it, and could sing along through most of it, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time.

I had long ago thought through the lyrics intellectually.  I had read the Wikipedia article, already knew what the words meant, that the song’s reference to the shadow was supposedly Jungian, etc.   But, I realized, when I had previously heard the song I had never seen the DNA of creation coming down through Kether, had never been forced to face my shadow at Gamaliel and felt a change coming through.  I had not picked the necessary scabs.  Now that I was hearing the song in the wake of my Qabalah project — pathworking the twenty paths of the Sephiroth and Qliphoth — the song was real.   I was in Jackson Hole.  The mountains were breathtaking, and so were the elk and the barns.

In a sense, I am taking pictures and putting them on Facebook.  And, most likely, you are going to give them a polite thumbs up and move on.  But, if you want to know what Forty-six & 2 is really about on its deepest level, pathworking the Sephiroth and Qliphoth are an excellent way to make the discovery.

If you don’t like my route, I’m sure there is another way to reach Jackson Hole.  Perhaps someday you’ll be stuck at the airport, alone and bored, and you’ll decide to explore the surrounding park…




My Tree of Life and Death

imageI’ve been studying Qabalah and the Qliphoth for the few years, and since my novels are set inside a fictionalized version of The Tree, I made this giant folding poster as a visual reference.

My poster contains fictional and non-fictional references, my personal notes, etc.  Notice  each path contains a miniature picture of the Tarot trump associated with it by the Golden Dawn (here is a great article that contains a wealth of information about pathworking with the Golden Dawn attributions).

I have, in a sense, combined the Qliphoth with the Sephiroth so that each orb contains the name of both.  This superimposition makes certain correspondences abundantly clear.  Since this photo was taken I have also pasted in Thomas Karlsson‘s 22 pathworking sigils.

The descriptions of the Emanations and their Husks, both in my novels and on the poster, are based on my own pathworking experiences, my artistic intuitions, and the various color indicators gleaned from many different color tables and scales.

I intend to continue adding notes as I work and write, so it will never be ‘finished.’  But at some point, when it’s reasonably concise, I may consider creating a poster of it if anyone is interested…