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My New Romance eBook Bundle — Pre-ordering Now Everywhere

Here's the cover to my new supernatural romance eBook bundle. Pretty, huh?

Nice cover, huh? Pre-order now.  Price goes up to $7.99 on Dec 1st.

Deep realization: my three novels are actually in the Supernatural Romance genre rather than the Horror or Supernatural Thriller category.  Are they creepy, weird, and strange?  Yes.

Are they “Rated R?”  Yes.  There’s sex, violence, monsters, swearing, guns, stab wounds, blood, corpses, and kinds of stuff that aren’t in your grandma’s romance books.  But that’s not what they’re really about.

These books are about love, growth, and transformation.  They’re about overcoming the dark forces that seem to be trying to drag us down into negativity, mediocrity, boredom, and sloth, or even further down into prejudice, violence, and hate.  My books are about overcoming gravity and finding love.

Why am I just realizing this now?  Give credit to my ongoing sublimation, my continual confrontation of the shadow, or just thank the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.  But somehow I was able to clear away the mask and see that I wrote three romance novels that some people seem to really like.  Here’s what some reviewers said about the books in this series:

  • “A good read — Love the end!”
  • “A terrific read…is it real or just fiction? Cannot wait for the next book to come out.”
  • “It puts your belief between fact and fiction. You begin to second guess what you know as fact.”

Save $2.00 (and support your local writer) by pre-ordering the set for $5.99.  Price goes up to $7.99 on Dec. 1st.  That’s three complete eBooks, over 200,000 words of reading pleasure, for just $5.99.  If it was any cheaper it’d be free.

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