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Happy Holidays (Your Gift Enclosed)


“Chatters on the Tide,” the first book in a 3-part series, is now free!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to give away Chatters on the Tide, the first novel in my supernatural romance series The Montenegro Cycle.  I just cut the price, and it will take few days to update at your favorite retailers.  If you want it right now you can get it in any eBook format want by clicking here.

To be honest, my motivations are not entirely altruistic.  According the results of the 2015 Smashwords best practices survey that just came out today, a series with a free leader will sell more copies.  So it’s like some kind of karma where if you give a little you get a little back,

Here's the cover to my new supernatural romance eBook bundle. Pretty, huh?

Here’s the cover to my new supernatural romance eBook bundle. Buy this and you’ll save $2.00 off the retail price.

Getting the first book free is a good deal.  But the better deal is to get the whole danged 3-eBook bundle for $5.99, thereby getting the first book free and saving $2.00 off the total retail price of the other two.

Look, if you read the first book you’re going to want to read all three anyway, so why not go ahead and spend the $5.99 on the bundle?

My bizarre romance trilogy is guaranteed to give you chills in more ways than one! The Montenegro Cycle follows the friends and family of “Monty” Montenegro as they navigate the strange and occult-driven mysteries in which they seem to always find themselves trapped.

reviewsVol. 1, “Chatters on the Tide,” is the story of Monty’s friends Harold and Bonnie. Harold has lost his job, divorce is on the horizon, a religious cult believes he’s a prophet, and he’s being stalked by an eerie motorcycle club and its mute, wild-haired mascot named Gator. Is Harold really a prophet with miraculous powers? Can his skeptical wife Bonnie free him from the strange world into which he has fallen?

Vol. 2, “Ghilan” follows Monty’s son Ergie. A high-school slacker with too few friends, Ergie welcomes the friendship of the new kid at school. But Zack isn’t what he seems, his own parents have a hidden past, and he’s pretty sure he’s falling in love with his best friend Sellie. Can Ergie sort out his relationship with Sellie and find out the truth about Zack? And if he does, will he have the courage to do what he knows is right?

Vol. 3, “The 14th Mansion” picks up four years after the terrifying events of “Ghilan.” Ergie and Sellie are missing and the police have no leads. Ergie’s parents turn to three unlikely trackers locked in a bizarre love triangle — Gator the homeless mute, gruff repo man Billy, and Tonya the psychic with a troubled past. Are Ergie and Sellie still alive? And if they are, will the trio find them or simply self destruct?




My New Romance eBook Bundle — Pre-ordering Now Everywhere

Here's the cover to my new supernatural romance eBook bundle. Pretty, huh?

Nice cover, huh? Pre-order now.  Price goes up to $7.99 on Dec 1st.

Deep realization: my three novels are actually in the Supernatural Romance genre rather than the Horror or Supernatural Thriller category.  Are they creepy, weird, and strange?  Yes.

Are they “Rated R?”  Yes.  There’s sex, violence, monsters, swearing, guns, stab wounds, blood, corpses, and kinds of stuff that aren’t in your grandma’s romance books.  But that’s not what they’re really about.

These books are about love, growth, and transformation.  They’re about overcoming the dark forces that seem to be trying to drag us down into negativity, mediocrity, boredom, and sloth, or even further down into prejudice, violence, and hate.  My books are about overcoming gravity and finding love.

Why am I just realizing this now?  Give credit to my ongoing sublimation, my continual confrontation of the shadow, or just thank the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.  But somehow I was able to clear away the mask and see that I wrote three romance novels that some people seem to really like.  Here’s what some reviewers said about the books in this series:

  • “A good read — Love the end!”
  • “A terrific read…is it real or just fiction? Cannot wait for the next book to come out.”
  • “It puts your belief between fact and fiction. You begin to second guess what you know as fact.”

Save $2.00 (and support your local writer) by pre-ordering the set for $5.99.  Price goes up to $7.99 on Dec. 1st.  That’s three complete eBooks, over 200,000 words of reading pleasure, for just $5.99.  If it was any cheaper it’d be free.

Pre-order at iTunes

Pre-order at Barnes & Noble

Pre-order at Smashwords in any eBook format

Pre-order for your KOBO eReader

Hey Writers: Wanna Bundle With Me?

books_bundle2So there’s this not-so-new idea of selling story bundles, and since I’m always somewhere like two years behind the curve on most trends, I got the idea that I might try and create a story bundle with another writer.

If you’re a horror, occult, mystery, or slipstream writer who writes creepy, strange, unusual books and you want to team up on a bundle, post a link to your stuff in the comments below.

Maybe we can make a bundle together, what say?


Shameless Panhandler

If you like what you read here on this blog, you should maybe look at some of the books and other stuff that I sell.  Seems to me that you might like them.  Plus, my merch isn’t expensive, and the quality is good too.

  • You can check out my eBooks at Smashwords or Barnes & Noble.  I’ve got fiction and non-fiction.  The 14th Mansion is my best novel yet.  Kinda proud of it.
  • If you dig martial arts and you like actual paper books, dodge over here and get a Cabal Fang Bundle for just $6.99.
  • I have t-shirts for sale, featuring artwork by yours truly.
  • And for workout nuts, I sell PTDICE — the coolest ever tool for creating random workouts.

Also, I’m a nice guy.  So it’s okay to give me your money in exchange for my fine wares.

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