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Bump and Run: Martial Arts Training Involution #190

It’s been a couple of years since I had a bald head and chin hair.  More importantly, and much more relevant to your martial arts training, it has also been a couple of years since I emphasized the value of the humble slip ball.  Here’s a video about the slip ball from 2017 which also features my previously bald head and hairy chin.

The slip ball is especially important for people who have limited sparring opportunities because it reinforces slipping body mechanics — which are perishable.  Watch the video and then dig into…

Bump and Run: Martial Arts Training Involution #190

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes.  I like to do 2 minutes each of jump rope, light calisthenics, shadowboxing, and dynamic stretching — or I just do 8 minutes of MBF.
  • 20 mins on the slip ball.  Remember to keep good striking form as you contract, moving as if there’s an elastic cord connecting your shoulder and the opposite hip.  Punch between slips and slip between punches.  Bunch them together randomly.  Punch,slip-slip, punch-punch, slip-slip-slip, punch, slip, etc. The body mechanics of slipping and punching are the same — except that when you slip your fists stay at your temples.  That way your punches will cover your slips and vice versa.
  • 20 mins of running.  Set a timer for 10 mins and start running.  Maintain an aerobic pace, that is, run such that you can just barely manage to sing a familiar tune.  When your singing starts to become halting, slow to a fast walk and resume when you can sing again.  There’s a reason why armed forces sing and run.  That pace actually does a better job of building aerobic capacity other methods.  When the timer beeps, turn around and head home.
  • 10 minutes of meditation or contemplation.  After you cool down — for about 3 minutes or until your heart rate is below 100 bpm —  have a seat and do 10 minutes of internal work.


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Slip Ball Impairment Drill

If you’re a martial artist, then you do drills.  And, if there are drills that you do, you should, at least once in a while, you should do them impaired.

Could you fight if you were injured?  If one or both arms were broken, slashed or incapacitated?  What if you had an injured foot?

Here’s a little drill you can do impaired — work your slip ball.  Do a round with one arm tied up, then a round with the other, and then a final round with both arms tied up.  Just put on a belt loosely enough to slide your hands in and out with relative ease.

If you feel froggy, do another round with a rock in your shoe (Mark Hatmaker calls that the tenderfoot drill).