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WOD: Stick Fighting Fitness, Command, & Mastery

Today’s WOD addresses every aspect of using your stick as a weapon.  It combines fitness, mobility, and technique, including familiarity with and control of your weapon, and it can be done by martial artists of any stripe using a stick of any type or description.  If you practice Arnis/Escrima/Kali, cane, jo, bo, umbrella, quarterstaff, Jogo do Pau, la Canne, hanbo, baton/billy club/ASP, doesn’t matter.

Video below.  For those of you who prefer words, see the recap at the bottom of the post.

Stick Fighting Fitness, Command, & Mastery Drill

Set timer to beep every 2:00 mins.  You are going to alternate 2:00 calisthenics rounds and 2:00 striking practice rounds.  Go this twice — that’s 16 total rounds for a total of 32:00 mins.  The first time through, concentrate on circular strikes; second time through, concentrate on linear strikes.  If your weapon can be used with one hand, make sure you alternate between right and left hand.

  1. Squats – as many as you can in 2 mins with stick held out in front, “zombie-style” with elbows locked
  2. Strikes for 2:00
  3. Get-ups — as many as you can in 2:00 mins
  4. Strikes for 2:00
  5. Jackknifes — as many as you can in 2:00 mins
  6. Strikes for 2:00
  7. Knuckle Push-ups — as many as you can in 2:00 mins
  8. Strikes for 2:00
  9. Repeat once more for a total of 16 x 2:00 = 32:00 mins