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A Visit to Team Raposa Martial Arts

As my YouTube followers are aware, I recently had a public conversation with Vinny Raposa at Team Raposa Martial Arts in Newark, NJ — see video below.  My wife and I were headed north visit family, so we arranged to stop by Vinny’s place for a visit.  He was kind enough to give us a tour of his huge facility, and to spend a couple of hours training with me.  What a joy it is to share material with someone interested in Western martial arts.  


Vinny’s CINA logo

Vinny and I have a lot in common!  His facility reminds me of Pine Camp where I used to teach in the early 2000s and he too runs a non-profit.  My Cabal Fang project is strictly martial in focus.  But his CINA (Cultural Integration & Arts Association) non-profit incorporates a variety of cultural programs of benefit to the mind, body and spirit of his students, as well as to the benefit of the community.

Much respect for the work Vinny is doing!





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